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NBFH4_LogoI was chosen as one of the artists featured during Design Week Portland (a week long event celebrating our design culture) for an event  called “No Bones for Half Tones” on October 11th, 2013. Check out my Meet an Artist page on the site: 

You will be able to get a free print of the illustration I have done for the show on anything you desire to have screen printed! (Paper, handbags, tee-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.) The piece I have done it titled “Thunderbird,” If you would like to see it come to the show! I will also have some artwork for sale at the event.

The event is from 6pm to 1am and there will be more details on the location soon.  Check back!


This is an illustration I did for microbrew Media for the art directors wedding programs! Super fun project focusing on b and w with one spot color.

Baked and decorated a gingerbread house. The Church of the Golden Chalice with my sidekick Megan Fix for a class project.

Made Chocolate Vegan Buttercream Reindeer Cupcakes for a Holiday Party! Pretty Cute and delicious!

Crafting some Santa Sleighs for present decor out of choc. and canes.

Playing in the snow on christmas at Stevens Pass, WA. It was beautiful.

These illustrations were based around some New Yorker magazine articles I read. The top one was for a New York City Ballet article, and the bottom image was about the horrible new fashion of Jeggings article.
Both were drawn with ink then scanned in and colored digitally in photoshop. I’m just learning how to use a wacom tablet! I have a lot to learn but I love it!

I’m so happy on the outcome of this painting! Its ink and watercolor/gouache on paper! This is what I dream about. ❤

My friend Dominic and I experimented with taking photos that look like I’m flying. Haha.. I luv it.


Today I will be selling my hand sewn and printed animal pillows.
I will be located between 14th St. and Hoyt St.

Come visit! I have Jackelopes, Barn Owls, and Panda Bears between Many different sizes and vintage fabrics, $10.-20., price depending on size.

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